Patient Testimonial

Robert Buelow


Robert Buelow is a self-proclaimed expert on HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital.  He has been in the inpatient setting of the hospital for three separate stays since 2009. “I know where to go to be taken care of,” brags Robert.  It was his stay at the rehabilitation hospital during April of 2011 that really brings this fact to light. 

Robert came into HealthSouth Sea Pines with a fractured hip and pelvis. Having previously been there for rehabilitation for a similar injury in 2009, Robert knew what to expect upon his return. “They work you really hard at Sea Pines, but it’s all for the greater good. They really know what they’re doing.” He did not expect, however, how much the staff at Sea Pines would prove their medical expertise. “I became so sick, with no end to the misery in sight. My nurse kept checking my vital signs and said she needed to call 911 to send me out. She said she suspected an ileus.” An ileus, simply put, is a bowel obstruction that can often occur following certain surgeries. Robert was transferred to the local acute care trauma hospital, where he was treated for the bowel obstruction and transferred back to Sea Pines to continue his rehabilitation.

“I had very good care [at Sea Pines]. They spotted the warning signs to send me out and saved my life,” Robert said. When he returned to Sea Pines, he picked right back up from where he left off with the orthopedic rehabilitation program. The orthopedic rehabilitation program at Sea Pines works on mobility, balance and transfer training of a patient who has suffered an orthopedic injury. The medical and therapy teams at Sea Pines work directly with each patient, tailoring a rehab program to meet the patient’s specific needs. 

Today, Robert says he “feels good overall.” He uses a walker and needs some assistance to stand, but lives independently with the help of his power wheelchair and public transit. He’s a big computer enthusiast, and enjoys skyping with his grandchildren in between visits with them.  He also enjoys reading books of all kinds, especially medical mysteries. When asked what it is that attracts him to that subject, he simply says, “I think that’s because I would call myself a medical mystery.” 

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