Patient Testimonial

Matt Spier


If you were to meet Matt Spier today, you’d likely never guess that in December 2010 he couldn’t remember his own name.  Matt suffered from traumatic injury to his brain following a brutal attack and the resulting deficits left him unable to recall his own name, recognize loved ones and even recognize himself in the mirror.

“When I first arrived at HealthSouth Sea Pines, I couldn’t even talk, let alone read or write,” said Matt. “I tried to run out of the hospital because I had no idea where I was, who I was, or that people were trying to help me.” The staff members at HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation hospital are trained in rehabilitative medicine and use a multidisciplinary and comprehensive approach that enables them to treat a variety of patients and their specific rehabilitation needs. The brain injury program at HealthSouth Sea Pines is an intensive physical, cognitive and psychological rehabilitation program focused on getting the patient back to a functional lifestyle following traumatic brain injury.

Therapists worked with Matt on his physical needs as he required help with his balance and walking. They also tackled several cognitive issues including his memory recall and recognition. “After three days of working with the therapists and medical staff at HealthSouth Sea Pines, I was able to write several words and read a full sentence,” he said of his progress. “By the time I went home, I could read a full paragraph and write a full sentence.”

Today, Matt says he remains positive and lives life day by day. “My memory is coming back—though my long term is a little fuzzy. I use triggers a lot to help stimulate my memory, which I learned to do at HealthSouth Sea Pines.” He even said that he plans to return to HealthSouth Sea Pines as a volunteer, so he can share his story and positive outlook with other patients. “You can choose to be positive and have a great life; it’s all in your attitude.” In the meantime, Matt spends his free time working on motorcycles and mechanics in general, a passion of his that he has had for a long time. He credits HealthSouth Sea Pines as being a big influence on getting him back to this level of function; “I would not be here today without HealthSouth Sea Pines. The positivity I received from the staff was what kept me going.”

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