Patient Testimonial

James Joyner


James Joyner was transferred to HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital after complications that followed his open heart surgery. James stayed for a prolonged length of time at the acute hospital and because of this he suffered from disuse myopathy, a condition where the muscles can suffer overall from lack of use. He also suffered from paralysis of the throat, which was attributed to his lengthy exposure to a ventilator, making it impossible for him to ingest solid foods and made him reliant on a surgically placed Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastronomy (PEG) tube. His overall weakened condition warranted his need for transfer to a rehabilitation hospital setting. James had therapy sessions with the HealthSouth Sea Pines physical, occupational and speech therapy departments to combat his weakness and his swallowing issues.

“When I came into HealthSouth Sea Pines, I was on a stretcher,” said James. “But within three or four days, they had me walking with a walker, and by the time I was discharged I was using a cane only!” James was particularly impressed with the speech therapists at HealthSouth Sea Pines. “I was Nil Per Os or Nothing by Mouth (NPO) for more than 50 days. But the therapists were so encouraging and helpful.” After his discharge from HealthSouth Sea Pines to home, James continued to work on his rehabilitation with HealthSouth Sea Pines Home Health. HealthSouth Sea Pines Home Health is also comprised of nurses and therapists that specialize in rehabilitative medicine.

Today, James is happy to announce that his PEG tube has been removed, and he is eating solid foods again. “I’m really enjoying being able to eat again—who would have thought that drinking water would be such a treat,” he happily shared. He also diligently works to maintain the physical progress he has made as well, “I’m only using my cane when I exercise,” he said. He is also able to drive once again, which he does to stay busy with going to the gym, activities at his church, and spending time with his wife, children and grandchildren.

James credits HealthSouth Sea Pines with helping him get back to his routine prior to his open heart surgery. “All of the therapists at the hospital and with home care were just great. They made my transition back to home so wonderful.”

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