Patient Testimonial

Gaston Jennett


Gaston Jennett served 28 years as an officer for the United States Navy, so he knows a thing or two about discipline and motivation. However, he still credits the staff at HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital for helping to maintain that drive and motivation that he learned in the service all those years ago.

Gaston first came to HealthSouth Sea Pines in June of 2011 for rehabilitation following a femur fracture. On July 12, 2011, Gaston suffered a stroke and had to be admitted to a local trauma unit in an acute care hospital. He returned to HealthSouth Sea Pines three days later, where he continued his therapy from his fractured femur, and started his therapy in the HealthSouth Sea Pines stroke program.

During his stay at HealthSouth Sea Pines, Gaston worked with therapists in the physical, occupational and speech therapy departments.  He was impressed with the technology utilized in addition to traditional therapies. According to Gaston “I used the Saebo Flex and tens unit for part of my therapy, and that had me going pretty good. I also used a lot of puzzles in occupational therapy, and they had me on the mat a lot in physical therapy exercising with bolsters. They definitely know what they’re doing.”  

By August of 2011, Gaston was ready to go home with HealthSouth Sea Pines Home Care. As of November 2011, he had finished up with Home Care and was working with the therapists in the HealthSouth Sea Pines outpatient therapy department. “I’ve been through a lot of the programs Sea Pines has to offer, and I am very satisfied with the care I received,” Gaston said. “Everyone at HealthSouth Sea Pines has been wonderful. They really bend over backwards for you. They are very accommodating and professional—I can’t say enough good things.”

Today, Gaston is home with his wife Sheila, and he is proud to share that he is fully weight bearing from his fracture in June. He exercises on his own for at least two hours a day—excluding the days he goes into outpatient therapy at HealthSouth Sea Pines. When he’s not doing that, he’s happy that he is able to tinker in his garage again; he’s even been asked to help fix several things around his neighborhood. “HealthSouth Sea Pines definitely helped get me started on the right path to getting better,” said Gatson.  “Their professionalism motivated me to keep going.” 

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