Patient Testimonial

Bertha Pruitt


A lot of the staff members at HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital are familiar with Bertha Pruitt. Her infectious laughter and radiant smile are hard to ignore. It is that positive attitude that helped get Bertha through what could be perceived as a very difficult time in her life.

Bertha came to HealthSouth Sea Pines in April 2011, following a stroke that affected the right side of her body.  “I couldn’t do anything,” Bertha describes when she first arrived at HealthSouth Sea Pines. “My fingers were useless, I couldn’t walk, I was using a bed pan, I couldn’t speak—I was a mess.” She worked diligently with the speech, physical and occupational therapists during her month-long stay at HealthSouth Sea Pines. “We worked on everything; walking, bathing, talking—all of the little things you don’t think about day to day until you can’t do them for yourself,” she said.

After her month-long stay, Bertha left the inpatient setting and transferred to HealthSouth Sea Pines outpatient therapy, where she continued to work on gaining back her independence. Of her progress, Bertha says, “I went from a wheelchair to a four-prong walker, to an ankle brace, to now only a cane when in public places! I also wasn’t talking when I first got to HealthSouth Sea Pines, but after working with speech therapy, I haven’t stopped talking since.”

When her time with outpatient has concluded, Bertha says she intends to self-pay for continued maintenance therapy. “They’ve been so great here and have been a huge help. I’m getting around on my own, I’m bathing myself, and I’m cooking a little again and even helping with chores, like the laundry and making the bed. I get really excited when I do little things.”

If you asked her when she first had her stroke if she thought she’d be able to enjoy these abilities again, Bertha ‘s answer may have been an uncertain one. But with her positive attitude and the help and knowledge of the staff at HealthSouth Sea Pines, she is once again thriving and spreading her joy to other people. “I tell everyone, if anything ever happens to you—you need to go to HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital. The encouragement you get, along with the positive attitudes from the staff keep you going and you will get better!”

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