Hand Mentor™

Hand Mentor

The Hand Mentor provides rehabilitative treatment to restore wrist and hand function. The hand therapy device actively involves the patient in their rehabilitative care by providing audio and visual feedback and assisting movement only when necessary.

The Hand Mentor’s innovative technology

During treatment with the Hand Mentor, a patient’s hand fits into a comfortable cradle that senses the level of resistance caused by flexor spasticity. The interactive display engages patients and allows them to work on exercises that require cognitive effort to regain hand and wrist function.

Who can benefit from treatment with the Hand Mentor?

The Hand Mentor is used by physical therapists and occupational therapists to help patients who have suffered from a CVA (Cerebral Vascular Accident), traumatic brain injury, stroke or other neurological injury.

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I tell everyone, if anything ever happens to you-you need to go to HealthSouth Sea Pines Rehabilitation Hospital. The encouragement you get, along with the positive attitudes from the staff keep you going and you will get better.
Bertha Pruitt

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